Finch - VR Solution
Fusion of tracking, input control and interface technologies for all types of VR content and
Dual input
Licensing innovative software and device reference designs for
Virtual Reality.

Features a lightweight, ergonomic build good for both casual and intense use. With 6DoF, 360-degree tracking and haptic feedback this controller elevates every VR experience to the next level.

  • Haptic feedback
  • Steam VR and PC content compatible
  • Gamepad emulation mode
  • 30 hour battery life
  • IR LED based solution
  • Design configurable for hand tracking compatibility
  1. Hardware Design, Materials, and Engineering documents for manufacturing
  2. Firmware binary library to run the device
  3. Software device service on HMD side
  4. Data transfer protocol for low-latency communication
  5. Factory setup & calibration SOPs for best performance
  6. Demos and software plugins for maximum content compatibility
  7. Engineering support during proof-of-concept and production cycle
Controller Tracking

High accuracy 6DoF, 360-degree tracking. Enhanced field-of-view tracking uses a fusion of continuous IMU data and optical absolute positioning. Out-of-FoV tracking uses IMU data combined with body modelling to provide positional data.

  • Small CPU footprint
  • Reduced tracking losses due to occlusion
  • Self-calibrating camera algorithm
  • Out-of-FoV tracking coverage
  • Compatible with gray scale stereo cameras
  1. Hardware-agnostic software algorithms
  2. Customizable software library for grayscale stereo cameras
  3. Maintenance support with full set of documentation
Hand & Finger Tracking

Users experience instant, natural immersion without waiting for controllers to turn on or pair. Finch's proprietary optical tracking algorithms support hands free interactions.

  • 22-point hand models
  • Neural networks trained for digital signal processing to avoid GPU use
  • Adaptable for any HMD
  • Natural gesture recognition
  1. Hardware-agnostic hand and finger software algorithms
  2. Software and APIs customizable to client camera spec and layout
  3. Software device services and demos for any XR based HMD
  4. Maintenance support and full documentation
User Interface Suite

Advanced graphical user interface providing user navigation and access to web and streaming content libraries. Finch's innovative UX is achieved by fusing input methods that include hand and eye tracking, controller data, and voice recognition.

  • Clear and intuitive design
  • Supports any VR HMD
  • Built-in web and streaming services
  • Customizable to match clients brand
  1. Software package that contains an APK file with embedded device services
  2. Optional client brand kit customization
  3. Engineering support
  4. RVR and CloudXR support built-in

Fusion of Interactions

Hand interactions
Instant immersion with accurate tracking of hand gestures like touching or grabbing.
Controller interactions
Haptic feedback, laser pointer navigation, and trigger or action buttons for immersive VR game interactions.

Use Cases

Dual input control enables seamless interactions with the right level of control for all virtual reality content
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We customize our solutions to work with any VR HMD.
Production Ready
All our solutions have been manufacture approved and verified.
Our designs have been rigorously optimized to lower cost while maintaining quality.
Our proprietary technology is internationally patented.
6DoF, 360-degree tracking opens up limitless possibilities.
CPU Footprint
Powerful tools without the performance hit.
VR Content
Compatible with all current and future marketplace content.
Our reference designs can be customized to your requirements.
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR platform supported