Finch - AR Solution
Fusion of tracking, input control and interface technologies for seamless AR interactions.
Licensing innovative software and device reference designs for Augmented Reality.

Powerful, lightweight finger based controller providing enhanced 3DoF and 6DoF tracking. Gesture recognition brings natural interactions to both augmented reality devices and 2D devices like smartphones or tablets.

  • 6 axis IMU sensor
  • Touchpad with button
  • Haptic feedback
  • 2 Hour battery life
  • Compatible with hand and finger tracking solutions
  • Works with AR/Smartphone/PC Apps
  1. Hardware Design, Materials, and Engineering documents for manufacturing
  2. Firmware binary library to run the device
  3. Software device service on the HMD side
  4. Data transfer protocol for low-latency communication
  5. Factory setup & calibration SOPs for best performance
  6. Demos and software plugins for maximum content compatibility
  7. Engineering support during proof-of-concept and production cycle

Innovative. Accurate. Limitless. A new approach to AR spatial tracking that fuses IMU and optical hand tracking data to provide outstanding 6DoF, 360-degree coverage.

  • Finch or 3rd party hand and finger tracking solutions compatible
  • Out-of-FoV tracking via IMU based kinematic modelling
  • Mitigated tracking loss or errors resulting from occlusion
  • Adaptable to any HMD
  • Reduced CPU load by prioritizing IMU data
For 3rd Party Solutions:

1st Stage: Proof of concept created using 3rd party's SDK for basic integration.

2nd Stage: Deep integration by working closely with 3rd party tracking provider.

Finch's Solution:
  1. Universally compatible optical hands and fingers tracking algorithms
  2. Accurate 22-point hand modeling
  3. Customizable software library for grayscale stereo cameras
  4. Device services to run any XR based hardware
User Interface Suite

Advanced graphical user interface providing user navigation and access to web and streaming content libraries. Finch's innovative UX is achieved by fusing input methods that include hand and eye tracking, controller data, and voice recognition.

  • Clear and intuitive design
  • Supports any SXR based HMD
  • Includes native apps, web and streaming services
  • Visually customizable
  1. Software package that contains an APK file with embedded device services
  2. Integration with client HMD and software setup
  3. Engineering support and documentation

Fusion of Interactions

Hand interactions
Intuitively interact with virtual worlds and interfaces using natural hand gestures like grabbing or touching.
Controller interactions
FinchRing brings efficiency and speed when needed most. Navigate by laser pointer, grab with button clicks, and swipe or scroll by touchpad.

Use Cases

Seamless dual input control allows you to get the most out of every AR experience.
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We customize our solutions to work with any AR HMD.
Production Ready
All our solutions have been manufacture approved and verified.
Our designs have been rigorously optimized to lower cost while maintaining quality.
Our proprietary technology is internationally patented.
6DoF, 360-degree tracking opens up limitless possibilities.
CPU Footprint
Powerful tools without the performance hit.
AR Content
Compatible with all current and future marketplace content.
Supports Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR platform supported